The visual effects for this mind-bending two minute Superbowl ad for Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys features CG angel wings and over two dozen 2D composites. I supervised VFX on-set and worked directly with the client to supervise the entire post production process.

With greater resources than the previous year, the production utilized anamorphic lenses and really went all out for that classic film look, especially during flashback sequences set in the 80’s. It was a challenge matching the look of the lenses used, and I worked with the camera crew to capture plenty of reference, lens distortion grids for each lens, and grain samples.

This project didn’t achieve quite the viral success of the first, but did garner some excellent Youtube comments, like this one from “VenDeath”:

After watching these ads I have a feeling that getting one’s JD in Georgia involves a fight against an embodiment of the judicial equivalent of satan. I may need to consider applying for law school there now.